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How to choose the clean bench?

Nov 29, 2017

So far, the clean bench has been widely used in various production domains, especially more common in the biological pharmacy, medical science, medical scientific experiments, aseptic microorganism test and sterile room experiments and other sterile environment departments and units. When we connect the clean bench and assembly line successfully, it can also achieve the mobile effect.

At the same time, in the normal operation of the clean bench, the noise emitted is also relatively small. However, for users, the actual application of the device is closely related to our choice. In other words, it is very important to select a high quality equipment. So, how should we choose the clean bench?

In terms of its structure, the two main components of the clean bench are filters and fans. This means that the quality of fans and filters often measures the performance standards of the whole machine. So, when we buy the device, the first thing is to consider the two components. Of course, the most important choice principle is to combine the actual production requirements, to ensure that the production requirements can be met.

In addition, the current market has launched out different types of clean benches, whose prices are also different, including the economical type, common type and high-grade type. Among them, the economical type equipment uses the national standard high efficiency air filter, which can meet the short-term use requirements. However, with the extension of the use time, its performance will decrease.

And the common type clean bench can achieve higher standards, whether the shape design and control system, are more superior and durable than the economical type. Compared with the high-grade products, its price is reasonable, so it is more common in the current application. Therefore, when selecting the clean bench, we mainly consider in combination with the requirements and prices.