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How to choose the purification equipment in the purification room

Aug 18, 2017

It is understood that the purification room is specialized for the removal of pollutants and harmful substances, the space has a high purification grade.In order to achieve the clean level, there must be a variety of purification equipment in the purification room, otherwise it will not be able to purify the air in the purification room。

Market is launched on purification equipment category a lot, they each have different of the function and quality, so the choice for clean room purification equipment, must abide by the relevant selection basis, to ensure that the purification equipment are required to conform to the purification room.

When we choosing purification equipment of the purification room , the first to test its safety, equipment must have the safety inspection and certification of relevant authorities, can rest assured it is set in the purification room, to ensure its safe use, avoid the happening of the accident.

Secondly, it is the applicability of the equipment, which should be used as the basis of choice for the purification room, and choose the appropriate purification room equipment.On this basis, we have to considered the service life, purification efficiency and filtration materials of the equipment.

With the popularity of decontamination chamber, purifying equipment quality and performance have obvious improvement, in this case the user should choose which has the function of regeneration purification filter, in order to prolong the service life of equipment, To some extent reduce the purification cost.

About the power of purification room equipment, according to the space to choose, if purification room space is large, it should select the unit to purify the air volume of air purification equipment, purification in order to meet the requirements.And try to configure the filter materials so that they can be more efficient.