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How to choose the suitable air curtain machine according to the site conditions?

Apr 23, 2018

The existing conditions in different places are different, and the requirements for the environment are also different, so the corresponding types of air curtain machines are naturally different. The suitable wind curtain machine should be selected according to the conditions of the place, so that their efficacy can be fully played.


In fact, the function of the wind curtain machine is all the same, and the main difference between the different categories is their installation height, for example, the installation height of the conventional tubular air curtain machine is 2.5-3 meters, and the centrifugal wind curtain machine is suitable for installation height of 3.5-4 meters.


That is to say, the height of the place can be used to choose different air curtain machines, like the supermarket bank is generally 2.5-3 meters high, the wind speed 11-13 meters per second wind screen machine, the hotel 2.5-3 meter can choose the wind speed of 13-15 meters per second, 3.5 meters above the height of the wind speed of 16-20 meters / second centrifugal wind screen machine 16-20 meters / second.


Most of the factories are usually 2.8-5 meters, and the wind speed is higher in the food factory. The wind speed is 20-30 meters per second. The office or the bank usually uses the super silent centrifugal wind screen to create a comfortable and safe environment.


There is also an industrial type of super large air curtain, mainly used in the 4.5-6 meter height of the industrial site, with high wind speed, large air volume and other characteristics to meet the needs of special places; the past wind turbine wind curtain machine is mainly for industrial use, but because of small air volume, noise and be eliminated.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/