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How to construct the ground of different purification projects?

Apr 07, 2019

Ground Solution for Purification Project

First of all, when the purification engineering ground is epoxy resin self-leveling ground flow, we should first polish the ground, then clean and dust. Next, we should pay attention to the fact that it should be painted with a closed bottom coat, followed by scraping putty (middle coat), and then, when the purification project is laid, in fact, it should be polished, vacuum cleaned, and finally self-current plane.

For the above-mentioned form of purification engineering ground, in fact, it will include electronic factories, electrical appliances factories, food factories, cosmetics factories, as well as its packaging factories, textile factories and garment factories.

When the surface of the purification project is epoxy anti-static self-leveling floor, first of all, we should also pay attention to the treatment of the base material, that is to say, the ground should be polished and cleaned. In this respect, we will actually require the base material to be dry, and there is no empty drum; then, we should actually carry out it. Primer painting, accurately speaking, is actually to guide the application of primer painting.

Next, we should actually lay copper foil, pay attention to the cross-laying of vertical and horizontal; for the painting, we actually need to be based on the thickness of the falling ground tweezers anti-static coating. Finally, it is necessary to carry out surface painting, on its bracelet ring atmosphere anti-static self-flow flat paint. After all these aspects have been completed, the project is really completed.

Finally, as far as the above-mentioned form of clean engineering ground is concerned, it will be more suitable for a series of communication equipment manufacturers, as well as chip dust-free manufacturers. Of course, for STM dust-free workshop and its optical instrument dust-free workshop and laboratory, a series of clean workshops with high anti-static requirements will be appropriate. It is used in this kind of purification engineering ground.www.wxrfcleanroom.com