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How to determine the cleanliness airflow speed of the dust free purification...

Jan 31, 2018

With the improvement of the living environment and the closed characteristics of modern buildings, the problem of indoor air pollution in buildings is becoming more and more prominent. The application and popularization of the dust free purification project is to effectively solve the problems in this area and provide a safe and healthy environment for people.


To determine the purification of indoor dust-free purification engineering must clean degree with the flow rate of cleanroom use varies according to the specific situation, it is not only affected by the indoor dust content and filter efficiency is also affected by other factors, but also relates to the other side. Then in the construction of dust free purification project, which factors can be combined to determine its cleanliness and airflow speed.


The first is about the pollution sources of clean room, including building components, personnel quantity and operation activities, process equipment, process materials and process itself, all of which are sources of dust release, which vary greatly according to specific circumstances.


The second is the indoor air flow distribution and clean Engineering, the basic requirement is a one-way flow streamline and equal uniform requirements, but will be subject to interference process and equipment layout and location changes and personnel activities such as the formation of local vortex; instead of unidirectional flow requires filling mixing, avoid the dead angle and temperature stratification.


In addition, we must pay attention to the control of self purification time in the dust-free purification engineering. The self purification time determined by the original cleanliness is decided by the airflow speed. The control requirement for the self purification time depends on the bearing capacity of the production quality and the yield of the product within this time frame.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/