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How to install a laminar cover?

May 04, 2018

Generally, the overall design of laminar hood is flexible, which provides a basis for understanding the use and installation. As a ceiling fan with internal fans, it is mainly used for turbulent flow and laminar flow clean rooms. In practical application, according to the design specifications, laminar hood can easily cooperate with any ceiling frame to meet the requirements of cleanliness grade 1000 to 10.


From the current situation, in the clean area, the laminar hood is regarded as the most quiet and cost-effective product by the majority of users. It can not only deliver high quality air to clean room, but also have good air flow. It can be used in semiconductor, electronic, flat panel display and disk drive manufacturers and optical, biological industry and other industries, such as clean room, clean worktable, clean production line, clean room and local 100 grade and other occasions and so on. Other places that require strict control of air pollution can reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs.


It should be noted that if we want to give full play to the excellent performance of laminar cover, we must also ensure that it is properly installed so that it can be used normally. What problems should we pay attention to when installing? We know that the device can be used modularized in connection with current use, and the FFU fan filter unit can be equipped with a primary and efficient two stage filter.


First of all, when installing laminar flow hood, we should ensure the safety of the site. Before installation, a new high efficiency filter should be turned on to see if the high efficiency filter is damaged due to transportation, such as the filter paper has loopholes, and it can not be used.


Secondly, in the process of installing laminar flow hood, we must pay attention to ensure the integrity of the equipment itself and components. Therefore, during the whole period of installation, it is necessary to ensure that all the components of the laminar cover are in good condition, in particular, to keep the filter paper intact and not to touch the filter paper for breakage.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/