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How to Install Electrical Equipment in Purification Workshop

Mar 12, 2019

How to Install Electrical Equipment in Purification Workshop


For the purification workshop, the best place for the installation of machine power leads is the wall. In order to shorten the length of power lines, the machine should be as close to the wall as possible. All electrical panels, controllers, distribution devices and starters and components not used daily in the purification workshop shall be installed in areas not required for cleanliness.


The material quality of cable pipeline should be determined according to the type of building. For block wall building, galvanized metal pipeline can be used for indoor cable pipeline. The wire in the plug-in assembly should be heavy load type, and overload protection device should be installed. The plug must be sealed with sealing device, designed to seal dust and humidity, to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.


The power sockets in the purification workshop should be installed in an embedded way to eliminate corners and cracks, facilitate cleaning, and should be waterproof and damp-proof; switches and sockets should be installed at a practical height above the floor, such as water pipe washing the floor unaffected; adequate spare sockets should be installed indoors to meet the needs of future expansion of production; and light switches should be installed as far as possible outside the purification workshop.


Personnel in the purification workshop need to contact the outside managers, so communication devices must be installed. Communication devices should adopt audio control systems that can be sterilized and installed flat in walls or windows, mainly including broadcasting systems, intercom systems and telephone systems.


The telephone in the purifying workshop should be waterproof. In order to ensure the safety of the workshop, certain alarm devices should be set up, and fire detectors in the form of temperature, light and smoke should be set up separately or in combination. In the purification workshop, in order to achieve the required level of cleanliness, a large amount of circulating air is usually used. Therefore, only setting detectors on the roof sometimes can not fully detect the occurrence of fires. Therefore, it is necessary to add detectors according to the airflow situation, or consider setting smoke detectors in the return air outlet to effectively detect fires.www.wxrfcleanroom.com