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How to judge whether the air filter is damaged and the installation in the pipe

Jan 09, 2018

Air filter, which is one of the filters, is also a common and commonly used filter. Therefore, we must have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of this kind of filter, so that we can make the correct and reasonable use of the filter, so that users can get good results and at the same time, have good economic benefits.


1.Is there an air filter in a motorcycle?

Motorcycle is equipped with air filter, and it is an important part from a professional point of view, because it plays an important role. Because the use of air filters is mainly to control the ratio of air and gasoline, and intercept most of the debris, so as to enhance the power of motorcycles in driving process, so that gasoline can fully burn.


2.How to judge whether the air filter is damaged? In addition, in the HVAC system, what can be used to judge the quality of the air filter?

If we want to make sure whether the air filter is damaged, it is very simple. When its pressure is less than 0.15MPa, it will drain off. Therefore, if there is air leakage when it is under normal pressure and greater than 0.15MPa, it means that the filter is damaged. At this time, we should find out the specific reasons so as to solve the problem thoroughly. In HVAC system, the pressure difference sensor is usually used to judge the quality of the air filter.


3.What are the specific types and the available materials of the high efficiency filter in the air filter?

In the air filter, we should have some familiarity and understanding of this kind of high efficiency filter. So, that's the problem. The specific types of the three are the efficient separator filter, the high efficiency non - baffle filter and the combination type high efficiency filter. And the material used by the filter is for the two kinds of PP material and glass fiber.


4.If the air filter is installed at the terminal of the compressed air pipeline, what are the points for attention?

The air filter is installed at the terminal of the compressed air pipe, and its attention is as follows:


(1) The specific installation position of the air filter is determined by the situation in the field. The connection between the intake and air outlet should be carried out according to the logo, and the vertical installation should be guaranteed.

(2) If it is used to solve the problem of oil and water in the terminal equipment, then the air filter should be close to the terminal equipment as far as possible, and in a certain range, generally speaking, it is about 7.5 meters. In addition, the lower the temperature of the pipe, the more suitable for installation, in the air inlet temperature, can not exceed the specified allowable range.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/