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How to Maintain Air Conditioning Pipe Suitable for Air Purification Project

Feb 16, 2019

Dust in air duct of air purification project has been cleared 90% of the dust through the filter of intermediate effect filter. If the intermediate effect is replaced regularly, the pollution degree of air duct is much better than that of general air conditioning duct. Therefore, thorough cleaning of the internal air duct system is not absolutely necessary, and cleaning once every two years is acceptable for higher cleanliness.


Because the vibration caused by cleaning the air duct will seriously affect the dust volume and working air flow requirements of the dust-free room, it is suggested that construction be carried out during the shutdown period. In addition, the air duct system of the air purification project should ensure the airtightness and strictly detect the air duct leakage. It is better to conduct light leakage test or air leakage test regularly, to monitor the airtightness of flanges or threads, and to conduct welding or sealant treatment when necessary.


In order to reduce the source of dust, it is necessary to thoroughly clean all the surfaces of the upper and lower technical sandwiches in the purification project. It is also suggested that before or during the start-up or shutdown period, in order to avoid vibration during the work period affecting the dust volume of the dust-free room. The FFU should also be cleaned thoroughly and regularly for air purification of clean engineering above 1000 grades.www.wxrfcleanroom.com