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How to Maintain Clean Workbench

Dec 24, 2018

Clean workbench is in a specific space, the indoor air is filtered by pre-filter, pressed into static pressure box by small centrifugal fan, and then filtered by secondary air filter. The clean air flowing out of the outlet surface of air filter has a certain and uniform cross-section wind speed, which can remove the original air in the working area and take away dust particles and biological particles to form sterility. High clean working environment.


In the maintenance of clean worktable, first of all, according to the actual use, the initial effect filter should be removed and cleaned regularly, the cleaning cycle is generally 3 to 6 months. When the ideal cross-section wind speed can not be achieved after normal replacement or cleaning of the primary air filter, the working voltage of the fan should be adjusted to achieve the ideal uniform wind speed.


When replacing the high efficiency air filter of clean worktable, attention should be paid to the correct size of the model, the arrow wind direction device, and the surrounding seal of the filter to ensure that no leakage occurs. Clean workbench is widely used in medical and health, disease prevention and control, food hygiene, biopharmaceuticals, environmental monitoring and various biological laboratories and other fields. It is an important basis for ensuring biological safety and environmental safety.ww.wxrfcleanroom.com