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How to maintain the cargo shower room

May 24, 2017

The cargo compartment is the necessary access to the clean room, which reduces the contamination of the goods entering and leaving the clean room. Xiaobian today to talk about how to maintain the cargo shower room.


Sterile operating room

  1. The cargo shower should be replaced according to the cleanliness of the environment, regular (initial effect is generally 1-6 months, efficient generally 6-12 months) to replace the filter.

  2. Regularly (usually once every two months) with a dust particle counter to measure the cleanliness of the clean room used by the degree of cleanliness, when the measured cleanliness and the required cleanliness does not match, should identify the cause (whether there is leakage, If there is a failure, etc.) If the high efficiency filter has failed, you should replace the new high efficiency filter.

  3. Replace the cargo shower filter should be shut down.

  4. Replace the cargo shower filter should pay attention to the following:
      Replace the high efficiency filter should pay special attention to unboxing, handling and installation to ensure that the filter paper intact, prohibited by hand touch filter paper caused by damage.


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