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How to operate the clean bench

Jun 02, 2017

Purification workbench is a kind of purification equipment, then how to better operate the clean bench, the following Xiaobian with everyone to understand.


Ordinary transfer window

  1. Ultra clean work area can not place some unnecessary items to ensure the flow of clean air.
    2. Before the staff work, should clean the work environment around the table, and the air purification.
    3. Before entering the clean working area, the staff should wear protective equipment and try to disrupt the airflow.
    4. should first open the UV lamp sterilization, wait until 500min and then use the workbench. After 300min, turn off the UV lamp and turn on the blower.
    5. After the work is finished, wipe the purge table again, turn off the blower, and turn off all power.


    Sterile operating room