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How to purify air in a clean workshop

Dec 31, 2018

In today's social production, clean workshop is what some industrial production companies should have. Clean workshops are literally dust-free workshops. But in fact, besides these, the clean workshop also requires indoor temperature and pressure, noise, static electricity and so on. They all need to be controlled within a certain range.

The clean workshop adopts the whole purification project, which means that the dust and bacteria in the air can be discharged from the room through the sterilization technology and high-quality filter material structure equipment, so as to achieve the effect of dust-free and bacteria removal. Prevent contamination of products.

Clean workshop uses local purification engineering, that is, air purification equipment often encountered in hospitals, which is also commonly said, can be applied to the protection of patients with weak immune function. The local purification project of the Clean Workshop Design Company adopts electrostatic sterilization technology and negative ion purification technology. The former can absorb bacteria, so as to achieve the bactericidal effect, while the latter can use negative ions to eliminate microorganisms.

Strict clean workshop can improve the environmental quality assurance for industrial production and make the finished products more precise and safe. With the development of science and technology. The precision requirement of precision instruments for products is getting higher and higher, and more and more attention will be paid to the clean workshop.