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How to reduce the particulate pollution value of air shower room in pharmaceutical factory

May 28, 2019

With the popularization of the application of stroke shower rooms in major pharmaceutical factories in China, a new problem has arisen, that is, we need to take some measures to reduce energy consumption as far as possible in the design. If we want to achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction, we can improve the building layout, process conditions and other aspects, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and drug production costs.


This also means that if we can further reduce the energy consumption of the air shower room in the pharmaceutical factory from the design point of view, we can also save a lot of resources. However, in the long process of development, the main contradiction in the design work is how to effectively remove particulates, but the problem of energy saving has been ignored. So how can we solve this problem?


First of all, we need to design a modern workshop type reasonably, so that the performance of the air shower room can be fully utilized, which is equivalent to reducing the operating costs of the equipment. In fact, if the volume of clean space can be reduced, it means that the air volume ratio, the number of ventilation, the power consumption of air supply will be reduced. In this way, we can achieve a more obvious energy-saving effect.


Therefore, in the layout, users can choose the appropriate scheme according to different air cleanliness requirements. Usually, if the cleanliness requirement is higher, the air shower room should be as close as possible to the air conditioning room to reduce the length of pipeline and energy loss.


In addition to the above, if there is a significant temperature difference in the environment, then we should also set up an insulation layer for the air shower room. If the humidity is high, then it is necessary to ensure its anti-moisture performance. Of course, these measures have certain energy-saving effect. Reducing the pollution value of air shower room is also conducive to achieving the purpose of energy saving.www.wxrfcleanroom.com