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How to regulate the pressure of air filter and understand electret air filter

Oct 17, 2019

[Key words] Air filter


[Summary] There are many kinds of filters, but the air filter is one of them, which will be introduced below, because it can make everyone's learning targeted, so as to improve learning efficiency and effect, so as to avoid wasting such a good learning opportunity in vain and make themselves lose.


1. Air filter, from a professional point of view, which industry does it belong to? Is the air inlet as large as the air outlet?

Air filter is a kind of filter, if its professional point of view, then it belongs to the filter equipment in the industry, its big industry attribute is for the manufacturing industry. The filter inlet and outlet can be the same size, however, its common is that the inlet is larger, the outlet is smaller, in order to improve the use effect.


2. How to regulate the pressure of the air filter? And, should air filters be installed in low-pressure devices with pressure below 140 kg/cm2?

In fact, the pressure regulation of air filter is very simple, as long as the upper rotary button is pulled up and then rotated, the pressure can be adjusted. However, it should be noted that it should correspond to the pressure gauge, so as to do so. In this low-pressure device, there is an air filter, so in question 2, the answer is to install it. In addition, in addition to air filters, there should also be inhalation filters and reflux filters.


3. How to determine the rated air volume of air filter? In addition, what is electret air filter?

To determine the rated air volume of air filter, generally speaking, it is through the installation location, structural form, filtration resistance and efficiency to determine its surface wind speed, and then to determine the rated air volume.

Electret air filter, which is one of the air filters, belongs to electrostatic reinforced fiber filter in filtering. Its purpose is to capture the Coulomb force and inductive force of charged fibers on particles, so as to achieve the purpose of filtering. Moreover, on particles, charged or uncharged particles can be used.