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How to Select the Matching Ventilation System of Dust-free Clean Room

Oct 15, 2019

Speaking of dust-free clean room, no matter how it is laid out, the use of exhaust system is indispensable, and in fact, different types and functions of dust-free clean room, its supporting exhaust system will also be different. It is understood that there are many ventilation systems commonly used in clean rooms, depending on how you choose?


One is an exhaust system specially designed for acidic gases. In order not to affect the environment, an acidic gas exhaust system will be set up in a clean room to effectively treat and discharge the gases into the atmosphere because of the removal of acidic gases in the production process. Since there is an acid gas exhaust system, there must also be an alkaline gas exhaust system, mainly dealing with alkaline gas.


The other is the exhaust system containing dust, because the nature and concentration of dust in the exhaust are different in different production processes, so the exhaust system containing dust is also an indispensable part of the dust-free street view room. Especially when the concentration of some dust is high, it must be used to filter the exhaust gas to meet the requirements and then discharged into the atmosphere.


When various organic substances are used as raw and auxiliary materials in the production process, the manufacturer's dustless clean room should use the organic gas exhaust system. The organic gas in the exhaust system should be treated accordingly and then discharged into the atmosphere. Harmful and toxic exhaust system is the same reason, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, the exhaust outlet of clean room should be equipped with high efficiency filters to reduce pollution and discharged into the atmosphere.


In addition, the clean room also has the opportunity to use hot gas exhaust system and special gas exhaust system, which can deal with the high-temperature gas discharged from various furnaces, high-temperature sterilization equipment, or special gas in the production process, so as to make it meet the emission standards.