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How to set the working parameters of Air shower ?

Sep 06, 2017

The Air shower has good performance, however,To reasonably perform its performance, we also need to reasonably set its various work parameters as needed,So, do you know how to design the work parameters of the wind shower?Here are some simple introductions to this question, hoping to deepen your understanding.

In fact, the whole operation of the Air shower is very simple, and it is very easy to set the working time.Usually, the user can adjust the working time of the Air shower system directly by using the upper and lower adjusting keys before the wind is started or after the wind.Its adjustment range is mainly 2 to 60 seconds, and it will be displayed. After the adjustment, the system will automatically save this parameter set value.

So, how do we set up an extension of the outer door to unlock the Air shower?The main steps are: 1. Press the urgent button for 20 seconds to get the system into the internal parameter setting page;2. Then press the key, or adjust it according to the time shown.Generally, it is adjusted in the range of 0 to 60 seconds.

After that, we also need to set the time for the unlocking of the indoor doors.Generally speaking, after the work time of the outer door is set, then the Air shower key will be pressed again in five seconds, and then the delay setting page can be entered into the inner door.Then set it and adjust the range to 0 to 60 seconds.After that, the system goes to the next option.

The above is the setting method for several important work parameters involved in the use of Air shower.I hope I can provide some reference for you to set the working parameters of the Air shower.