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How to store the air shower after packaging

Jun 02, 2017

Air shower packaging, and later how to save it, this is a very important issue. Because it will affect our normal use. Xiaobian today for the introduction.
The steps to wrap the air shower:


Steel air shower

1. When we put the air shower room after the first to his outer box to clean up, can not let the pollutants adhere to the air shower.
2. Also use the paper to the air shower box to his package, especially in the box between the angle and angle.
3. Then in the use of thin film to Rongfeng air conditioning clean air shower outside the bag of paper wrapped around, so you can avoid water infiltration.
4. We can not have collisions and shocks when we transport air shower.
5. To reach the designated location to open the box to check to see if there is no damage.
So how can we save it? We have to wrap a good air shower room is not more than 85% of the humidity inside the environment, but also have a good ventilation, the air which can not have acidity or other other, can not be put side to do Corresponding protection work. In the play of the wooden frame of course is to be sealed.


Laminar flow hood