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How to use different types of air filters and their differences from other devices

Sep 02, 2019

[Key words] Air filter


[Summary] There are many applications of air filter, so it is necessary to know and understand this kind of filter in order to familiarize ourselves with it, and at the same time, we can also increase our professional knowledge through continuous learning. In this case, it's not too late. Let's start right now. In this way, we can also improve our learning efficiency.


1. Can air filters be used in industrial dust-free workshops?

Ordinary industrial dust-free workshop, can use air filter, and, specifically speaking, for the UV line air filter. Moreover, in terms of filtration grade, it can be used at the same time as primary, intermediate and efficient. In addition, with the return air system, it can be used for effective filtration. Before living in the filter, there should be a pre-filter, so as to do.


2. In the air-conditioning box, should the primary effect filter be installed on the air filter before the intermediate effect filter?

If the air filter is used in the air conditioning box, the primary effect filter should be installed before the filter, and this is also necessary. Because this can avoid the clean air after being filtered and polluted again. Generally speaking, the effective air filter, which is installed after the blower, is in the positive pressure section of the outlet of the blower.


3. Oil mist separator and air filter, are they the same?

Oil mist separator and air filter are different from each other professionally, because oil mist separator is used to collect and purify polluted gases such as oil mist, while air filter is used to collect and purify polluted air. Therefore, they are completely different in the application field and the scope of application of products. Therefore, this conclusion can only be reached. And you can't confuse them.