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How to use the air shower

Jun 14, 2017

Today, we’ll talk about the use of air shower:


Steel air shower

1.Press the power button on the electrical control panel, turn on the power, air shower lighting daylight

2.Please close the door, When the staff come in the air shower. The air shower begin to work  for a while, then time relay will cut off the fan power and stop to send air. If the time relay out of control, the personnel could pressed the power button to stop before leave.

3.If someone continue to wind, the former do not have to press the indoor power button when he leave; before the next personnel come in the air shower , as long as the air control button be pressed, you can enter the room for air shower.

4.Air shower front and rear doors can not be opened at the same time to prevent non-purified air pollution purification work area

5.Please follow the operating instructions to install the air shower,Air outlet can not be placed upside down.


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