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In which areas do factories need clean workshops

Apr 16, 2019

Clean workshop is a basic supporting industry with a wide range of applications. At present, it is widely used in many industries, such as electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, medical and health, bioengineering, aerospace, automobile spraying and so on. However, according to the industry's precision and dust-free requirements, there is also a big difference in the grade of clean workshop.


Among them, the microelectronics industry can be said to be the most demanding industrial clean industry for clean workshop. In addition, the production of liquid crystal and optical fiber in modern industry also requires cleanliness. The realization of aseptic packaging of food also needs to pass the clean workshop, so that it is superior to canned food in maintaining food color, fragrance, taste, nutrition and other aspects of high temperature sterilization.


Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most widely used industries in clean workshop. China's "Pharmaceutical Production Management Standard" has been implemented nationwide. The requirements of different cleanliness levels corresponding to the process are put forward for the production environment. In addition to limiting the size and content of dust particles in the air, there are also clear limits on biological particles, so the clean workshop must also meet the corresponding requirements.


There are also treatment rooms, burn wards and surgical operating rooms for leukemia in hospitals, which can prevent bacterial infections in the air by using corresponding clean technologies according to the conditions and play an environmental protection role for treatment; and medical science experiments, which should also have a clean environment for experimental animal breeding, genetic engineering and other subject experimental projects, in order to achieve effective results.


In addition, such as the aerospace industry, precision machinery industry, instrumentation industry, fine chemical industry, etc., all use clean technology, so clean workshop is also necessary. At present, the highest level belongs to the aerospace warehouse, which belongs to the first level, belongs to a special field and has a relatively small area.www.wxrfcleanroom.com