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Industrial use of air filters and filters to avoid dampness

Nov 15, 2018

Air filter, which is a specific type of filter, is also a common and common type of filter. It is widely used in application at present. Therefore, a deep and comprehensive understanding is needed in order to achieve the correct and rational use of the product and give full play to the function and function of air filter.


1. Why are the names of sub efficient and efficient air filters different?

The reason why the names of sub-efficient and high-efficiency air filters are different is that there are some differences and differences between the two kinds of filters. Therefore, different names are used to distinguish them so as not to confuse them and cause problems. The difference between the two filters is mainly in filtration efficiency, filter material used and filter fabrication process, although they belong to air filters.


2. Do air filters of air compressors need to be replaced regularly?

Air compressor air filter, after using for a period of time, should be judged according to the use of whether to replace the new, so it is used for a period of time, not for a long time. The replacement cycle is determined by the air filter quality requirements of the air compressor and the surrounding environment of the air compressor. If you want the air filter to last longer, you should ensure that the surrounding environment of the compressor meets the requirements of its use environment.


3. Industrial use of air filters, whether it can filter sulfur dioxide in the air?

In industry, if air filter is used, it is mainly used to filter out moisture, oil, impurities and odors in the air, including sulfur dioxide. The filter element used is usually a precision filter element, which can be used not only for filtering air, but also for food processing and gas filling and filtering. Therefore, it has many applications.


4. Why should air filters avoid dampness? What does the compressed air filter refer to?

The reason why air filters should avoid dampness is that once the filters are rained or damped, it will affect the normal use of filters and their performance and filtering effect, so this specific requirement will be met. Compressed air filter, which is a device for filtering and purifying compressed air, is a highly efficient and precise filter in the pipeline of compressed air system.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/