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Influence of air filter flow rate and aperture of high efficiency air filter

Jun 25, 2018

Air filters, if you want to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, then need to go deep into this product without missing any one of the key points of knowledge. In addition, we should take it seriously and carry out its learning work so as to get the desired learning effect and get good use effect in the use of the product, and then make it play its due role.


1. Is the selection of compressed air filters simple?

Compressed air filter selection, from the professional point of view, is very simple, only need to pay attention to two aspects, one is to select filter type according to the filter object, the two is to select the filter specifications according to the required air flow. However, it should be noted that the rated flow of the filter is not less than the actual throughput of the filter.


2. How large is the pore size of a high efficiency air filter? Is it available in pharmaceutical companies?

The high efficiency air filter is one of the air filters, which is in the range of 0.2 to 80 microns in diameter. In practice, the value of 0.7 microns is more appropriate. This kind of air filter can be used in pharmaceutical enterprises, usually in the clean area of pharmaceutical enterprises.


3. Is the flow rate in the air filter fast? Is it affecting the filter element?

In air filter, velocity is an important parameter, and also a performance index. And it will affect some components and specific aspects of the filter. Therefore, the flow rate of the filter is suitable, if the flow velocity is too fast, it will affect the filter efficiency and filter efficiency, and then affect the life of the filter.


4. Is there a waterproof function in air filters in cars?

Air filters in cars, though filtering air to purify the air, do not have a waterproof function. If they are flooded with the intake, the air filter can not stop the water from entering the car engine. In addition, the air filter in the car also has no waterproof function. Therefore, in the use of air filters, we should avoid water entry and not be dampened. http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/