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Influence of wind speed on high efficiency air vent

May 28, 2018

In the process of high efficiency air inlet operation, its wind speed often has a certain effect on its use effect. In most cases, the smaller the wind speed, the better the efficiency of the efficient air outlet. Why? This is because the diffusion of small particle dust is obvious, the wind speed is lower, the time of the air flow in the filter material is longer, and the dust has more opportunities to impact the obstacle, so the filtration efficiency is high.


According to the actual experience, the efficiency of the dust is reduced by nearly one order of magnitude (an increase of 9) when the wind speed is reduced by half the wind speed in normal working state. On the other hand, the wind speed increases by one double, and the transmission rate will increase by a number of magnitude (the efficiency is reduced by a 9). Similar to the effect of diffusion, when the filter material is static, the longer the dust stays in the filter material, the greater the possibility of the material being adsorbed.


Moreover, when the wind speed changes, the filtering effect with electrostatic material will also change. That is to say, when there is static electricity on the material, when designing the air conditioning system, we should minimize the volume of air through each efficient air outlet. For the large particle dust dominated by the inertial mechanism, according to the traditional theory, after the wind speed is reduced, the probability of dust and fiber collision will be reduced, and the filtration efficiency will be reduced.


And when the wind speed increases, its resistance will also increase. Under such circumstances, if the service life of the high efficiency air inlet is based on the final resistance, the service life of the high wind speed will be reduced. However, it is difficult for general users to observe the effect of wind speed on filtration efficiency, but it is much easier to observe the effect of wind speed on resistance.


In fact, during the operation of highly efficient air outlets, it is recommended to control the flow of air through the filter material between 0.01 and 0.04m per second. Within this range, the resistance of the filter is proportional to the amount of filtered air. Based on the above introduction, the operation effect of high efficiency air supply port should be considered in combination with wind speed.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/