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Inspection and debugging of purification table

Apr 19, 2019

Before leaving the factory, the purification table has been strictly tested to ensure its normal use. But this does not mean that the manufacturer's test can replace the operator's test and debugging before use. Because the environment of the purification station is different, only after proper inspection and debugging can the equipment play its role to the greatest extent.


Before debugging, a better environment should be selected for the machine. It is best to place the purification table in a sterile room with air disinfection facilities. If the conditions are not available, the machine should be placed in a room with less movement and cleaner personnel. Adjust the height of each foot to ensure the level of stability and operation.


A special circuit should be used for the power supply of the purification station to avoid the change of air velocity caused by circuit overload. Compared with the simple sterile cover, the purifying table has the standard configuration of allowing the operator to move freely, easy to reach anywhere in the operating area and installing ultraviolet sterilizing lamp and fluorescent lamp for lighting. The blower provides the power of air flow. Whether these components work properly is clear at a glance.


Also check the air filter plate and its sealing, it is directly related to the normal use of the machine. The simplest method of examination is nutritional agar plate method. In addition to ultraviolet lamp irradiation, it is better to fumigate the newly purchased and long-standing unused purification tables, and then put an open agar plate in the four corners of the operating area and the central position of the machine when it is in working condition. After two hours, cover it and place it in a 37 C incubator for 24 hours to calculate the number of bacterial colonies. The average number of colonies per dish must be less than 0.5.www.wxrfcleanroom.com