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Inspection and maintenance of the components of the wind pipe system for the purification engineering

Mar 15, 2018

The purification engineering includes many parts, and the wind pipe system is one of them. Its operation and management is mainly to do well the inspection and maintenance of the wind pipe, the air valve, the tuyere and the supporting components of the wind pipe. Most of the apoplexy pipes of the purification project are made of galvanized steel plate, and do not need to brush antirust paint, which is more durable. In addition to the air treatment unit, the new air suction pipe is often used outside the tube, and the air supply and return pipe should be insulated.


As during the purification process of the wind pipe, to ensure that the pipe insulation layer, surface layer and protective layer of fat tide without damage and loss, should pay special attention to and support the contact position of the closed; moistureproof layer seam use adhesive tape, adhesive tape should pay attention to the spalling, no glue phenomenon. At the same time to ensure the sealing of the pipe, absolutely no air leakage; in addition, the heat insulation pipe with the handle of the handle of the valve to ensure that no dew.


Besides, cleaning and lubricating work for the valve of purify engineering is to ensure that all valves can be flexible, accurate and stable according to the requirements of operation adjustment. When using the air valve, to do is shut tight, open position; rod or a handle shaft and the wind pipe junction station should be tight without leakage; electric or pneumatic regulating range and indicating the angle regulating valve should be consistent with the valve opening angle.


The outlet of purification engineering is divided into air inlet, return air and new outlet. Its type and structure are varied, but for routine maintenance work, cleanliness and tightening are the main tasks to prevent dust accumulation and loosening. According to the usage, the air outlet is removed for three months and cleaned once, and the air inlet and the new air vent can be cleaned together with the cleaning cycle of the filter.


Attention should also be paid to the supporting components in purge engineering, including support, pipe hoop and so on. During the daily inspection and inspection, we should pay more attention to the replacement, the additional supplement, the re tightening and re fastening, and the supplementary brush paint's paint brush.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/