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Installation and installation of clean room's apoplexy system

Nov 03, 2018

Before making air ducts and components in clean rooms, oil and dust on galvanized steel sheets should be scrubbed clean to prevent rust-proof oil film on steel surface from contaminating dust. Cleaning oil stains often use cleaning agents that are not corrosive to galvanized coatings. After oil stains are scrubbed, the residues of cleaning agents should be cleaned with clean water cloth.


When making air ducts and components in clean rooms, clean environment, dry environment, far from dust sources or windward side should be chosen as the prefabricated processing site. After making, all openings at both ends should be sealed with plastic film, and sticked with adhesive tape to prevent dust from entering the tube. Dust-prone, DUST-ACCUMULATING and broom-cleaning materials should be used. Therefore, parts made of common carbon steel should be galvanized or other anti-rust treatment; the use of organization should be strictly in accordance with the production of air ducts, paint, installation and thermal insulation processes, reasonable, careful arrangements, strict compliance.


The air duct bite used in the clean room is made strictly according to the requirements. The material of air duct cushion for conveying clean air should be made of elastic rubber sheet with thickness not less than 5 mm, such as closed-hole sponge rubber sheet, flange cushion should have fewer joints as far as possible, and the joints must be ladder-shaped, and the flange flatness and bolts should be glued firmly. The distance between the holes and rivet holes should be checked according to the requirements of specifications and quality inspection and evaluation standards.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/