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Installation Engineering of Colored Steel Plate in Food Sterility Room

Jan 24, 2019

In the installation project of colored steel plate for food aseptic room, first install the underground layer, then install the second layer, and finally install the first layer. According to the construction drawings and secondary design drawings, accurately locate, first draw the datum line, then draw the position of each sterile chamber one by one based on the datum line; groove aluminium, according to the positioning line, anchor groove aluminium with core-pulling rivets on the ground, cut the groove aluminium into flat openings; during the installation of groove, a large amount of dust will be generated, which should be cleaned in time, and then thoroughly cleaned after installation, for the next step of safety. Installing wallboards creates a clean environment.


Electric hand-held disc saw is used to cut holes in food aseptic room. When cutting holes, attention should be paid to the protection of the hole entrance. Construction personnel should wear flat-soled rubber shoes in order to prevent scratches caused by treading on the plate surface during the construction process. The verticality of wallboard directly affects the installation quality of food sterile room. The higher the verticality, the tighter the joint of arc angle. The verticality adjustment of wallboard is carried out synchronously during the assembly process of the board. The adjusting tool can be used by vertical ruler or infrared meter. In the process of adjustment, the metal sheet should be placed under the wallboard to ensure the stability of the wallboard.


The ceiling of the sterile food room is equipped with high-efficiency air supply outlets, whose openings can be cut before the roof splicing, or after the roof installation. Aluminum profiles are used to close the edge of the hole, window frames are used to seal the edge, and when cutting, the profiles are uniformly cut and assembled in the special site. When installing the fourth side of the window, the groove at one end should be gently enlarged, then the groove at the other end should be extruded and smoothed, and then the splicing seams at the four corners should be evenly adjusted, adjusted by diagonal measurement method, and then connected with the concealed corner pieces by self-tapping screw at the side. Fixed, then cut the glass bar and install it.www.wxrfcleanroom.com