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Installation of door and window material, structural packing column and distribution box of dustless clean room

Jun 23, 2018

In the process of designing dustless clean rooms, the materials for workshop must be determined first, mainly referring to door and window materials. For example, clean close door in clean room can be divided into two kinds of aluminum alloy door and color steel plate door. Their features are light, good steel, good sealing performance, good overall performance, smooth surface, smooth, corrosion resistance, not easy to dust, beautiful appearance and elegant, flexible open and close, durable, sound insulation, insulation, Fire prevention and so on.


Clean and closed windows in dustless clean rooms can be made of R60 or R44 series profiles according to the design requirements of users. More important is the selection of clean airtight lamps, divided into two types of common type and emergency type, usually using double tube form; the emergency type can also be used as a common type under normal conditions.


Secondly, it is necessary to determine whether the structure column should be used in the clean room. In general, the structure column is suitable for the concrete column or steel structure column in the clean area. After the installation and treatment of the colored steel plate, the clean room can be both beautiful and conforming to the GMP requirements.


And the installation of the power distribution box in the clean room should be installed according to the different requirements, and the form of the dark assembly structure is similar to that of the ventilated column well or the structure cladding column. The inlet and outlet lines of distribution boxes should be low voltage cables, and the selection of cables should meet the technical requirements.


In the installation of the dust free clean room distribution box, the corresponding fire safety measures must be paid attention to, for example, the electrician and electric welder installed must be certificated; the personnel participating in the construction should study the safety operation regulations carefully and establish the job responsibility system; the insulation resistance test must be operated by two people; in the formal electrical engineering. Before energizing, the grounding wire must be connected reliably and clearly marked.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/