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Installation requirements of high efficiency air filter and rated air volume of filter

Mar 24, 2018

The filter in the air filter of this kind, because it is a common species, and has extensive application, therefore, based on these two points, the following will be a filter of learning and understanding, so that can achieve the correct and reasonable use of the product and at the same time, the use of the product has good use effect, and to obtain good economic benefits.


1. Installation requirements for high efficiency air filters in air filters

(1)To do a good job before the installation of cleaning, the system, should be clean air blowing, to ensure that the system is clean and clean, no dust and dirt.

(2)The cleaning workshop should be cleaned in a comprehensive way. If we need to use vacuum cleaner, we should use vacuum cleaner equipped with super clean filter bag instead of ordinary vacuum cleaner. In addition, if installed in the ceiling, it should also clean and clean the ceiling.

(3)The system will run for 12 hours, then the cleaning work is done, and then the high efficiency air filter is installed.


2. The role of air filter in a car

The function of air filter in automobile is to remove particles, particles and in-service in air, so as to play the role of purifying air and avoid air pollution inside vehicles. Therefore, it plays an important role and is a component that can not be lacking.


3. How to get the rated air volume of the air filter?

The air filter, and its resistance is varied with the change of wind speed, the windward side, in the filter design and selection, it is necessary to take into account the installation position in the air purification system, and the filter structure form, filtration efficiency and resistance from these specific aspects, and, to determine the wind speed of air filter and then, to determine the rated air flow.


4. Filter properties and specific functions of electret air filter

The electret air filter, which is one of the air filters, is an electrostatic enhancement fiber filter from the professional point of view. The specific effect, if from the point of view of the purification mechanism, is that the capture power is mainly the Coulomb force and the inductive force of the charged fiber to the particles.