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Instructions for installation and use of stainless steel Pass Box

Aug 25, 2017

Stainless steel Pass Box is a kind of stainless steel as the main material of auxiliary air purification equipment, the uniqueness of material brought distinctive advantage to the whole equipment, The stainless steel Pass box can show excellent use effect, if it is properly installed and properly used.

It is required that the stainless steel Pass box must be installed horizontally on the partition wall and connect the grounding end of the power socket to the Pass box. In order to ensure the safety of the person, the installation must have reliable grounding.Only when the Pass box of stainless steel under the two doors in the closed position, can be connected to 220 v power supply and press Pass box switches, wait until the switch on the light is lit up when specification stainless steel Pass box is in working condition.

Since the door of the stainless steel Pass box has an automatic interlocking function, the door on the other side is automatically interlocked when one side is opened, and the other side is not open.In order to reduce the pollution, the transmission door is opened only when the item is passed. The closing of the door should be closed immediately to ensure the normal work needs of the other side staff.

If the stainless steel Pass box is equipped with ozone generator, it can press the switch on the door to make it work.And before the ozone generator is opened, both sides of the door are closed.If the person is using operation, it is strictly forbidden to open ozone generator to sterilize, so as to avoid harm to the human body.

When the stainless steel Pass box after the power is switched on, can according to the control panel as shown in the switch, such as air volume adjustment button to change the supply air volume, air volume can be open to the larger position before starting work, can according to need to adjust small air volume at work, until the desired speed.

After a series of work contact with the stainless steel Pass box, the power supply is also cut off in time to avoid safety hazards.In accordance with the above way, the installation of the stainless steel Pass box can be used effectively, which will lay the foundation for the operation of the purification equipment.