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Introduction of use and configuration of clean worktable

Apr 12, 2018

Nowadays, the clean workbench is widely used in the research and production departments of electronic processing, national defense precision instrument production, biopharmaceutical, food and aseptic microorganism inspection and other industries which need local clean working environment. The clean worktable is a kind of air equipment which provides the local Gao Jie environment more universality. It has good effect on improving the process conditions, at the same time, it can improve the quality of products and improve the rate of finished products.


Now, what is the configuration of the clean worktable in the current market? You know, the relevant configuration will directly affect the effect of its use. In its composition, the direct drive high efficiency centrifugal fan is specially selected, which has the characteristics of long life, low noise, no maintenance, small vibration, stepless speed regulation and so on. Under normal circumstances, its service life is 30 thousand hours or more. The speed regulation performance of the equipment is stable, and the air volume can be ensured under the final resistance state of the high efficiency filter.


In addition, a very advanced ultra-thin non baffle filter is specially installed in the clean workbench, which is conducive to reducing its occupancy space. It is also equipped with stainless steel mesa and glass side baffle, which makes the whole studio bright and spacious.


At the same time, the suitable pressure differential table is configured for the clean worktable, so that the pressure difference on both sides of the high efficiency filter can be accurately indicated in the process of its work, and the high efficiency filter can be remined in time. For users, it is more convenient and safe to use. Besides, the adjustable air volume air supply system is used to regulate the wind speed, so that the wind speed in the working area is ideal.


This clean bench equipment will be strictly checked according to the relevant standards before leaving the factory, so the reliability is very high. The clean worktable is especially suitable for assembling into a clean production line. It can be arranged as a single unit according to the technological needs, and can also be connected in series to form a 100 stage assembly line.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/