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Leak detection of high efficiency air filter and air filter for air compressor

May 21, 2018

Air filter is one of the filters, and it is also used more, because the filter is widely used. However, because there are many kinds of air filter, so, if you want to have a comprehensive understanding of it, you must be familiar with every kind of it, so that it can achieve the goal. And the following two specific types of air filters will be used to explain the relevant knowledge. The contents are as follows.


1. Leak test of high efficiency air filter in air filter

The high efficiency air filter in the air filter is one of the most important work, and it needs to be seriously treated and carried out so as to avoid various problems.


On the test part of the high efficiency air filter, the following parts should be included in order to be comprehensive and specific, and the necessary test parts are between the filter material, the connection of the filter aluminum and the frame, the sealing pad of the filter frame and the support frame of the filter group, and its support. Between the frame and the wall or the ceiling. Generally, there are two detectors, which are aerosol photometer and particle counter.


If it is to use the dust particle counter to detect the high efficiency air filter, check whether there is leakage and other problems, then it is mainly to detect whether the suspension particles of the brother point is more than the requirements, if more than, the new filter should be replaced, the original filter can not be used.


2. Air filter air filter air filter

Air filter of air compressor is composed of two parts: air filter assembly and filter core. The external is connected to the air inlet valve of air compressor by joint and thread tube, thus removing dust and particulate matter in air to filter and purify the air. In addition, the choice of air filters is determined by the type of air compressors.


There are specific types of air filters for air compressors.

Vertical air filter: it is mainly composed of the shell, the filter core and the filter joint, and these all do not contain metal parts. The rated flow range is 0.8m3/min - 5 m3/min.

Horizontal air filter: its shell is made of anti-collision plastic shell, so there will be no rust problem. The advantages of this kind of air filter are large volume and high efficiency. In addition, the rated flow rate of the module system is 3.5m3/min - 28m3/min.