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Leak test, aperture range and application analysis of high efficiency air filter

Mar 28, 2018

The air filter is a kind of filter. For us, it is also necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, because only when this level is reached, can we use this kind of filter correctly, and at the same time, to obtain Good filter effect. Therefore, based on this situation, next, we will explain the air filter-related knowledge, or answer the difficult questions, so that everyone has learning content.


1. Are all air filters cleaned and recycled?

This question, from a professional point of view, is not necessarily the answer because it is related to the material used by the filter. If the air filter uses some fabric or synthetic filter, it can be cleaned and recycled. In addition, if the air filter uses a very durable material, it can be cleaned several times.


2. High-efficiency filters in air filters. How do leak tests are performed?

To perform a leak test on a high-efficiency filter in an air filter, several parts of the filter should be tested, specifically: the filter material of the filter, the connection between the aluminum filter and the frame, As well as frame gaskets and other important and key parts. On the detection instrument, it is an aerosol photometer, which can be referred to simply as a photometer.


3. What is the aperture range of a high-efficiency air filter? And, usually, how much more appropriate?

A high efficiency air filter, which is one of the air filters, and its filter aperture range, from a professional perspective, is 0.2-80 microns. However, under normal circumstances, 0.7 micron is more appropriate, because the aperture of this value can have good filtering effect, and it is not prone to problems during use.


4. Is air filter used when air compressor and dryer are used?

In the case where air compressors and dryers are generally used, filters are used. However, they are not necessarily air filters. They may also be other kinds of filters because they depend on the operating medium. Therefore, it can only be said that when air compressors and dryers are generally used, filters are used, which may be air filters or other filters. Specifically, it is determined by the operating medium.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/