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Location determination and surrounding setting of economical dustless purification project

Jun 13, 2018

The dust free purification project can be divided into many categories, and the construction requirements of different types of projects are also different. So what are the requirements to be observed in all aspects like the economic dust free purification project? Especially on the choice of position.


As the choice of the position of the economic dust free purification project, it should be determined according to the following requirements and after the comparison of the technical and economic schemes, usually in the areas with lower atmospheric dust and harmful gas concentration and better natural environment; at the same time, it should also be arranged in the area where the environment is clean, the human flow, the logistics do not pass through or the less crossing.


Of course, the determination of the position of the economic dust free purification project should also be far from the railway, wharf, the airport, the transportation main road and the factories, silos and yard which emit a large amount of dust and harmful gas, such as the area with serious air pollution, vibration or noise interference. If it is not far from the serious air pollution source, it should be located at the maximum frequency wind direction, or the minimum frequency wind direction to the downwind side of the whole year.


For the location selection of the economic dust free purification engineering with the micro vibration control requirements, the vibration effect of the surrounding vibratory sources should be measured, and it should be determined by comparison with the precision equipment and the accuracy of the precision instrument and instrument, and it can not be set at random.


According to the requirements, the distance between the dust free workshop and the trunk road in the economic dust free purification project is more than 50m; the circular fire lane should be set around, and of course the traffic road can be used; if there are difficulties, the fire lane can be set along the two long sides of the factory.


In addition, in the road surface layer around the dust free workshop of economic dust cleaning project, the material with good overall performance and less dust should be selected, and greening, planting turf, not planting harmful plants, and not preventing fire operation. http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/