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Main application and maintenances of clean laminar cover

May 26, 2018

Clean laminar cover is very strict from material selection, design to production. In general, environmental protection aluminum zinc plate is used as the main material. The material is never rusty, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and solid. At the same time, the cabinet of the clean laminar cover is specially designed by the golden proportion point, so its appearance is beautiful and generous, and the design of ultra-thin fuselage makes the whole volume smaller and reduce the space.


Moreover, the weight of the clean laminar flow hood is light, whether it is installation or construction, daily maintenance and operation, etc., it is very convenient. The fan equipment has small noise, uniform wind pressure diffusion, uniform wind speed and steady wind speed, low power consumption and low operation cost, and the working life is over 60 thousand hours. Three fan speed control is adopted in the fan control, the circuit is controlled by electrical switch, and the control is safe and stable, and the centralized control function is preset.


At present, there are many different standard models on the market, and it can also be customized according to the actual requirements of customers. At the time of installation, the clean laminar cover can be hoisted flexibly above the craft point requiring Gao Jie's cleanliness to meet the requirements of the local Gao Jie's cleanliness. There are two types of suspension and landing brackets. The machine can be used alone or with multiple parallel connections to form clean laminar belts.


Comprehensive analysis shows that the application of the clean laminar cover can not only save the cost of investment, but also have the advantages of low demand, convenient installation and electricity saving. At present, it has been widely used in the dust free and aseptic operating environment of electronics, biology, medicine, food, precision instruments and other industries, and provides a local Gao Jie cleanliness working environment.


As a user, we need to strengthen the routine maintenance of laminar cover. First, the filter should be replaced regularly in order to prevent the growth of contaminated bacteria. Secondly, if abnormal problems are found, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the relevant personnel should be informed of the maintenance and treatment immediately; in order to avoid unintentionally starting operation and cause personal injury, it should be checked regularly to ensure normal use.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/