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Main Differences and Comparison of Air Filters and Their Important Parameters

Dec 22, 2018

Air filter is a common and often used filter, so we need a comprehensive understanding and understanding, so that we can know how to operate and use this filter correctly, and at the same time, have good performance and use effect, rather than waste products and other issues.


1. Self-cleaning air filter, is this a common and common type of air filter?

Self-cleaning air filter, which is a common and common type of air filter, is also a kind of air filter that we need to be familiar with and understand. This kind of air filter, under the action of negative pressure, inhales the air that needs to be purified from the atmosphere, and forms a dust film on the windward side of the filter material, which improves the filtering effect of the filter and also increases the resistance of the airflow.


2. Is there an important consideration in the selection and purchase of air filters?

In the process of choosing and purchasing air filters, all the relevant factors should be taken into account, and there are some factors that must be taken into account, such as the origin, parameters, quality, price, manufacturer and after-sale service of products. In addition, it is possible to take into account the two factors, namely, the use environment and the use requirements of products. Therefore, there are factors that can not be ignored, but there are no important considerations, because as long as it is related to the purchase of air filters, they are important considerations.


3. Are different air filters the same in terms of difference?

Air filter, it has different kinds, such as high efficiency, sub-high efficiency and so on, and these different kinds of filters, in the main difference, are for filtration efficiency, production process and filtration performance of these three, so we can think that different air filters, their main difference is the same, such as high efficiency filters and sub-high efficiency filters, they are in the filtration efficiency. There are obvious differences in three specific aspects: filtration performance and production process.


4. What are the important parameters in the air filter?

The important parameters of air filter are:


Flow characteristics: refers to the relationship curve between the air flow through the filter and the pressure drop at both ends of the filter under a certain inlet pressure. Generally, pressure loss is required to be less than 0.03MPa. The influencing factors are the filter body and the filter element.

Separation efficiency: refers to the percentage of water separated from the air in the intake, which is generally required to be no less than 80%. The main influencing factor is the guide plate of the air filter.