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Maintenance and maintenance of clean worktable

Sep 28, 2018

Clean workbench is a kind of equipment to create local high-cleanliness air environment. The air flow is in positive pressure form. It is widely used in semiconductor industry, precision instruments, instruments, electronic components, optical instruments, chemical industry, smelting and purification, magnetic materials, microbiological research, medical and health, scientific research and other departments to improve product yield and precision. Degree, stability and reliability play a significant role.


On the other hand, the clean table is a more sophisticated clean equipment, because of the wide applicability and precision of the clean table, its regular maintenance and maintenance is very important. First, keep the room dry and clean. Clean environment can also extend the service life of the filter plate.


In addition, regular cleaning of clean workbench is an important part of normal use. Cleaning should include routine cleaning and regular treatment before and after use. Fumigation, should be all the seams completely sealed, such as the operating port with removable baffle cover type of clean workbench, can be sealed with plastic film.