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Maintenance requirements for Air shower

Aug 15, 2017

As a purification device, in order to ensure the work effect of the Air shower , users naturally need to ensure daily maintenance work. Below we will introduce some relevant maintenance knowledge and hope to provide some references. The details are as follows:

First of all, when we have installed the Air shower in accordance with the requirements, During the period of use, no change is allowed.f you really need to move, you should seek professional help, or ask for advice from manufacturers. Because in the process of shifting, we have to re-proofread the ground level, and also prevent the door frame from deforming, otherwise, it will affect the later use .

Secondly, we must pay attention to provide a good working environment for the Air shower,  The main is Maintain good ventilation and drying. When the device is in on working, Staff are not allowed to touch or use all control switches. When the wind is blowing, only after receiving the induction, it means that the program its starts.

Thirdly, in our daily work, we must protect the air shower as much as possible to prevent it from being damaged, such as not using hard objects to hit the inside and outside panels to prevent scratches. In addition, it is best not to transport too large objects from its interior to prevent the collision of surface and electrical controls. When the Air shower work time is set, do not adjust if no special case.

Finally, in order to guarantee the application effect of Air shower, The best is close the arrangement of the personnel management, under normal circumstances, should be replaced periodically once each quarter in the early effect Air filter, once every two years to replace the air shower HEPA filter. During the period of use, attention should be paid to the inner and outer door of the open air shower chamber. If found fault, should seek professional personnel maintenance.