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Maintenance requirements for clean rooms during construction

Feb 22, 2019

In the process of construction and start-up, construction and installation of clean rooms involves a lot of work, and these work itself will cause pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate and implement cleanliness and construction agreements to ensure that the required pollution control objectives are achieved, and special attention should be paid to the work plan.


During construction, some measures need to be taken to isolate and remove contamination during assembly and construction at any time so as to reduce contamination to surrounding areas. For example, temporary barriers and walls can be used in clean rooms to pressurize critical areas, and temporary "special" filters are used in air handling systems.


This filter is used to protect the cleanliness and to perform initial pressurization and operation without external contamination. The filters will be replaced with appropriate levels of filters in the definitions or start-up stages before and after the approval of the facility construction. Plans should be made to clean up and control contamination continuously or regularly to prevent contamination from accumulating in any part of the facility and to facilitate the start-up of HU for substantive final cleaning.


Initial cleaning of components is not necessary at all as part of site construction. In-situ preparation or assembly should be carried out. This procedure is very helpful to reduce pollution and has special value for parts that are difficult to clean or impossible to clean in the future. Chemical, thermal and mechanical properties, conductivity and degassing properties should be taken into account when mounting on suitable substrates or building materials. Users and suppliers should also consider flexibility, functionality, persistence and maintainability.www.wxrfcleanroom.com