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Material Airshower with Automatic Door

Jul 01, 2017

Air Shower For Cargo

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: standard

  • Feature: Automatic Door Air Shower

  • Applicable Object: Cargo Shower

  • Place of Use: Between Clean Room and Non-Clean Room

  • Mode: Automatic Induction

  • Origin: Wuxi

  • Application: Petrochemical Industry, Precision Electronic Industry, Military Industry, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmaceutical,Food Industry, Precision Industry, Auto Industry

  • Structure: Bilateral Air Shower

  • Number of Nozzles: 24

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Specifications: 2 Doors Electronic Interclocked

  • Trademark:GESC

  • Specification: standard

Product Description

LED Panel purification pretreatment
LED panel clean room purify cleanliness is generally over 10000, local partial requirements 1000, some require constant temperature and humidity.
Material Airshower

1.Intention: Material Airshower is a necessary passage when materials entering the clean room , it can reduce the pollution problems of Materials brought into the clean room.

2.Process: The  electronic interlocking  doors of the material airshower , and gas can effect chamber to prevent un-cleaned air into the clean room, reducing dust contamination of the clean room during the cargo out of the clean room  . When materials into the airshower, high-speed and efficient clean air filter  can be spraied to materials by the injection nozzle in all directions.

3. Purposes: to effectively remove dust particles carried by materials, the air with dust particles and re-cycling by the early HEPA filtered into the airshower area.