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Medical cleaning workshop requirements for equipment

Feb 02, 2018

The requirements for equipment in the pharmaceutical clean workshop include not only the design requirements, but also a key problem, that is, we should be able to prevent cross contamination. That is to say, the equipment used in the medical clean workshop itself will not cause any adverse effects on the quality of the product, and it is easy to clean up and maintain.


At the same time, when the equipment is arranged, the risk factors, such as pollution, should be reduced as much as possible. Usually, in the pharmaceutical clean workshop, all the production equipment should match the process and products produced, and the performance and technical specifications of the equipment meet the design requirements. For the newly installed equipment, the test should be carried out first.


In addition, when the layout of the medical cleaning workshop is designed, the placement of different equipment should be enough space without overcrowding. Should not be caused by improper placement and cause abnormal problems, or to affect the clean maintenance and so on.


For different production facilities, we should also consider the production requirements, place them in an appropriate position, and equip with the corresponding purification devices to ensure the cleanliness requirements of the pharmaceutical clean workshop, and to avoid the pollution of microorganisms and dust particles to the greatest extent.


Another key measure is to ensure that the equipment used is easy to clean and that some parts should be dismantled. In fact, the cleaning of the use of equipment in all medical clean workshops is a very important regulation.


Remember, any unqualified equipment or unused equipment may not be stored in the medical cleanroom. In addition, in the whole medical clean workshop, all the equipment should be used and maintained. If the equipment is verified, the corresponding verification records should also be provided.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/