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Medicine clean workshop project features and precautions

Jan 11, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the various types of production equipment used in the pharmaceutical cleanroom are not only expensive, but also complicated in the production process. In addition, the requirements for cleanliness and the like are very strict. Not only that, but also for the quality of production staff also have higher requirements. Next, we briefly introduce the engineering features of the pharmaceutical clean workshop.


However, in the actual production process, a variety of different hazards may occur. For the pharmaceutical cleanroom, the key technical control is the control of dust and microorganisms. In other words, among a large number of pollutants, microorganisms are the top priority in the environmental control of the clean room of a pharmaceutical factory.


In fact, the overall structural design and construction of the medical cleansing workshop as well as the equipment to be used during production, as well as the quality of raw and auxiliary materials for installation and production, the quality of packaging materials and the unfavorable implementation of the control procedures of the net net facilities will all affect To the quality of the product.


Among them, in the construction of the project of medical clean workshop, the influencing factors in the construction are mainly reflected in the control links. For example, during the installation and construction process, due to the purification of air-conditioning system duct wall is not clean or not connected and so will affect the quality of production.


In addition, in the process of building a medical clean workshop, special consideration should also be given to the sealing of the color steel enclosure structure to ensure that the clean room and the technical interlayer are sealed properly to meet the production requirements. In addition, the use of decorative profiles and process lines, etc. should be avoided as far as possible health corner.


Of course, in the construction of pharmaceutical clean workshop, but also pay special attention to the quality of the materials used, such as should choose the quality of the sealant to prevent loss, deterioration. In addition, the drainage system, such as pharmaceutical clean shop to ensure that the installation is reasonable to meet the production process requirements.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/