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Normal Inspection Items of Dust-free Purification Project

Dec 07, 2018

Dust-free purification project is used in many food and medicine industries and electronic instrument production industries. If the dust-free purification project wants to maintain excellent performance, it needs to do a good job in all aspects of maintenance work. First of all, the detection of suspended solids, although the dust-free purification project is strictly controlled for particulate matter, dust and so on, but in the production process, the entry and exit of personnel, will also produce a lot of suspended solids, so the control of this part is also very critical, to ensure the effect of clean workshop is very effective.


There is also a variety of bacteria detection, whether plankton or sedimentation bacteria, are required to be strictly tested, must be in the dust-free purification project in all places to sample, check whether there are bacteria exceeding the standard, which is of great significance for maintaining the safety of medicine, food.


At the beginning of its design and construction, the cleanliness of the dust-free purification project has been restricted to a large extent, so the classification of the cleanliness of the dust-free workshop depends on many factors. For example, the number of dust in a given space is absolutely the most important parameter to measure the cleanliness of a dust-free workshop. No matter what level of dust-free workshop, the number of dust is strictly defined.


There are also the number of microorganisms. Similarly, to measure the cleanliness of the dust-free workshop, microorganisms are also an important part. Microorganisms mainly contain two kinds of bacteria, plankton and sedimentation bacteria, and there are certain regulations. On the other hand, the number of ventilation, in the number of ventilation, higher specifications of dust-free workshop need more frequent but clean ventilation times.www.wxrfcleanroom.com