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Operation Rules and Maintenance Skills of Sampling Vehicle

Jun 21, 2019

In the past, many manufacturers have set up special sampling rooms, but now such facilities have been gradually cancelled, replaced by sampling vehicles with the same effect. The obvious difference between the sampling car and the sampling room is whether it has mobility. Because the sampling car can move between regions, it plays a very good complementary role for places without fixed sampling points.


Because the sampler can not fully achieve airtight during the working period, and can not achieve a stronger one-way air flow, so in order to avoid sample contamination, it is necessary to recommend the corresponding standard operation process. Firstly, as the operator of the sampling vehicle, it must go through the corresponding purification procedure before operating the sampling vehicle.


Secondly, when using the sampler, the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp should be turned on ahead of time. The main purpose is to deal with the microorganisms accumulated on the surface of the sampler in the purifying working area. After completion, the sterilizing lamp can be turned off and the blower can be started. If it is a newly installed or long-term different sampling vehicle, the sampling vehicle and surrounding environment must be cleaned by ultra-clean vacuum cleaner before working, and then sterilized by drug sterilization or ultraviolet sterilization.


In order to ensure a good working condition of the sampler, its service temperature should be no more than 50 degrees Celsius; during the actual use period, the maintenance of the sampler must also be carried out regularly, including periodic replacement of parts, periodic sterilization, periodic maintenance of equipment and so on. In addition, after each use of the sampling vehicle, the instrument should be cleaned immediately and the corresponding label should be hung, and the situation of the instrument should be filled in in in time.


In a word, the sampling vehicle is a kind of sampling instrument. It uses centrifugal fan system to inhale air, and sends clean air into the working area through medium-efficiency and high-efficiency filters and the output of laminar flow hood to make the working area reach the required purification level. But it is indispensable to have scientific and reasonable maintenance skills.www.wxrfcleanroom.com