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Outward Layout, Maintenance and Maintenance of Clean Transfer Window

Jul 10, 2019

Clean transfer window is an auxiliary equipment often equipped in clean engineering. Its main function is to provide vertical laminar flow local air purification equipment for sterile clean working environment, which is used to transfer goods between clean room and clean room or between clean room and non-clean room.

Many people will neglect this equipment, but in fact, the use of clean transfer window can effectively reduce the number of clean room door opening, so that the pollution of clean room can be reduced to the limit. From this point of view, the clean transfer window is the infrastructure to maintain a clean and clean environment.


From its appearance, it can be seen intuitively that the whole shell of the clean transfer window is made of cold-tied steel sheet spraying or all stainless steel processing, so its surface is very smooth and clean, and the door is equipped with large glass for easy observation and installation of magnetic sealant. On the top of the clean transfer window is an efficient filter, while on the side is a circulating fan, which can filter the air thoroughly and effectively.


Clean transfer window is good, but it can not ignore the maintenance and maintenance in the daily use process, such as regular equipment maintenance, problems found and clean transfer window treatment, to ensure the normal work needs; at the same time, regular cleaning treatment, as well as internal screw tightening.


In addition, the cleaning efficiency, the number of bacteria and the wind speed in the working area of the clean transfer window should be measured regularly so as to keep it in an ideal range. When replacing the HEPA filter on the top of the clean transfer window, attention should be paid to whether the model of the HEPA filter is correct or not, and the arrow mark on the HEPA filter should be recognized clearly, and the arrow should point to the direction of air flow.


When the replacement work is finished, don't forget to confirm that there is no leakage in the frame, and carry out systematic inspection on the clean transfer window, so that it can work normally after reaching the technical target. Another point that can not be ignored is that the electric circuit of the clean transfer window should be checked frequently.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/