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Overall design of food aseptic workshop

Mar 23, 2018

Food aseptic workshop is food production indispensable place, to an important role to ensure food safety, because of pollution source food aseptic workshop is mainly exogenous outdoor air invasion through the door and food aseptic workshop inside and outside the channel, so food aseptic workshop layout is usually adopted in accordance with the criticality of the process operation, cleanliness the height from the inside out gradually weakened, invasion against outdoor air pollution.


At the same time and the corresponding control measures set for food aseptic workshop materials and personnel, such as material, aseptic dressing personnel airlock system and indoor waste transfer out of the channel. The source of contamination in the food aseptic workshop is mainly from the necessary operators and parts of the process equipment in the food aseptic workshop. Generally, the area around the operator in the food aseptic workshop is the worst area of cleanliness, and it is also an important control content in aseptic technology.


The first is about the food aseptic workshop layout requirements, buildings and equipment layout and process flow of the three link building structure reasonable, perfect and can meet the production process and quality requirements of health; cooked food raw materials and raw materials and semi-finished products and finished products, should be to prevent cross contamination. In addition, the layout of buildings and equipment should also take into account the requirements of the production process for temperature, humidity and the parameters of the process to prevent interference in the adjacent workshops.


Secondly, the food aseptic workshop should be able to meet the requirements of the process and sanitary requirements, as well as the installation, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. The height of not less than 3m, the recommended height 3.5m; production workshop covers an area of not less than 100m -, - 150m production workshop area reached more than that.


Food aseptic workshop floor materials shall be non-toxic, non slip, easy cleaning and disinfection of the laying of hard materials, have a certain slope, at the lowest position should be installed with a water sealing floor drain, production workshop shall not have water; and the wall part to use light color, no water, no water seepage, non-toxic material coating, and white tiles or other the anti corrosion materials decoration not less than 1.50M height dado.


In addition, should choose good tolerance, natural small deformation, manufacturing error is small, easy to control the gap, good air tightness material food aseptic workshop window materials, as far as possible the use of double window double hollow glass structure, save space and save energy, but also can avoid the window condensation caused the pollution caused by mildew.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/