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Packaging requirements for clean unit FFU

Jul 13, 2018

In order to ensure the normal use of the cleaning unit FFU, it is also necessary to carry out the packing according to the requirements. Water tanks and units should be cleaned and dried before packing. Second, clean unit FFU unit packaging should have moisture-proof, dustproof and shockproof measures.


Under normal circumstances, the packaging unit of the cleaning unit FFU should contain these documents: product qualification certificate and packing list. And product qualification certificate should include inspection conclusion, inspector's chapter and date of inspection. All the accessories should be listed in the packing list. At least one product specification shall be provided for each type of product. The instructions shall contain at least the basic conditions of the product (including product name, model specification, material, voltage, frequency, weight, etc.) and technical parameters.


In addition, the performance curve of clean cell FFU should be provided, including air volume (wind speed) - external static pressure curve, air volume (wind speed) - power curve and so on. For the unit running in the file, the performance curve of the unit operating under different gear positions should be given. For the stepless adjustable unit, at least 3 sets of performance curves should be given, including the maximum working condition, the 3/4 condition and so on, and the scope of work should be indicated in the curve.