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People and materials prepare for enter the Dust clean room

Aug 17, 2017

Dust-free clean room to achieve the corresponding clean level, on the one hand, need to improve the purification principle, on the other hand take anti-pollution measures to avoid the entry of tiny particles.In order to achieve these, strictly required for the design and use of Dust clean rooms.

In the case of 10K Dust clean room. it is necessary to satisfy the condition of air ventilation for about 30 times per hour.Temperature control at 23 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees;Humidity is 40% - 60% etc.On the basis of this, the air is used to filter the air in Dust clean room , thus reaching a clean level of more than 0.5 micron and less than 350 / litre.

In order to prevent the Dust clean room from being polluted during use, it usually has special flow and logistics channels.The staff needs to enter in accordance with the prescribed purification procedures, and should strictly control the number of people, for example before entrance the dust-free clean room, It will dress not hair, no produce electrostatic special conductive fiber material of dust-free clothing, hats, shoes, gloves, masks, etc.;After using the high speed clean air to remove the particles attached to the surface of the clothes in the Air shower room, you can entrance the Dust clean room.

And for the materials entrance the Dust clean room, Use ultra-pure water to wipe under seal condition , remove the outer packing after removing the dust, and pass the buffer room or the Pass box to entrance.In addition, Clean zone items of different clean grades are transmitted through the Pass box. In order to shorten the transport distance, the center station can be set in the center position.

Normally, dust-free clean room clean area is no pipeline with out of position, Make full use of the upper and lower or surrounding technical interlayer to install all the utility pipes main pipe, etc.If the pipe needs to pass through the ground and the partition。Should be as close to the use point as possible to paved the pipe , casing pipe should be weld, between pipe and casing but also reliable sealing measures, to prevent pollution to entrance.