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Performance parameters of air filters and matters needing attention

Sep 13, 2019

Air filter

What's the air filter like? And, in terms of its performance parameters and precautions, what are the specific? The main purpose of raising these questions is to further understand and understand this kind of filter, and at the same time, to increase the amount of knowledge in this area, so that we can have new gains from learning, and then, let ourselves make progress and development in their learning path.

Air filters, in particular, are made of man-made fibre filters, and their shells are made of moisture-proof cardboard frames. Therefore, if it is used normally, there will be no deformation, rupture and distortion. In addition, the filter material and the outer frame are closely bonded, so that air leakage problems can be avoided.

1. Performance parameters of air filters

The main performance parameters of air filters are as follows:

Filtration level: It refers to the upper limit of allowable diameter of impurity particles. The key factor is the filter element, and the selection should be based on the actual situation and filter requirements.

Flow characteristics: refers to the relationship between the air flow through the filter and the pressure drop at both ends of the filter under a certain inlet pressure. Generally, it is a curve. Moreover, the pressure loss of the air filter should be less than 0.03 MPa in the actual use process, which is better.

Water separation efficiency: refers to the ratio of the separated water content to the moisture content in the air of the filter inlet. Generally, it is required that it should not be less than 80%, and the influencing factor is the diversion plate.

2. Notices for Air Filters

The precautions for air filters, if specific, are as follows:

(1) When the filter cloth is cleaned and cleaned, if the initial resistance of the filter is less than the initial resistance of the filter in use, then the air filter can not be used, but the new filter should be used in time, so that it can be done.

(2) The landing of HEPA filters should be smooth, and this is also the basic requirement. In addition, the primary and intermediate filters should be numbered in order to distinguish them. In this way, some problems can be avoided and the cleaning effect can be improved.